Amal G Jose is an Engineer from India with a strong focus on design and development of scalable systems that can handle Big data. Amal has more than 6 years of experience in Big data technologies, Unix administration, Python, Java, Docker, DevOps, Cloud Technologies & Internet of Things, also keenly interested in learning new technologies.  He is currently working as a Big Data, Cloud and IoT Architect. Amal likes to share his knowledge through his blog, Stack Overflow, Google groups, Linkedin groups, mailers list where he is contributors in cutting edge Technologies. Amal also likes Electrical, Electronics and Mechanical related technologies. Apart from technology side, his hobbies include travelling, trekking, long drives, music etc.

I am here to share my experience. Most of the posts are very simple. Hope this will help someone who is new to this field.


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15 Responses to About

  1. Suraj says:


    Great work dude. I am hugely impressed by your writings. For such short experience guy pulling so many things is great. I have bookmarked this page for any further reference

  2. dheena says:

    Hi Amal,

    I need you help…could you please share your number.

  3. anurag kirpal says:


  4. anurag kirpal says:

    I new to hadoop
    Hv u gt exposure to KIJI framework

  5. Ajit Narayan says:

    Hi Amal G Jose,

    could you please share your contact number? I wanted to know about Hadoop classes if you are running.


  6. Rajiur Rahman says:

    Hi Amal
    You’ve replied to my question at StackOverFlow. I see you are an expert of Hadoop and big data things. Is it possible to talk to you more about my problem?
    I really need to get this done, therefore, If you want, we can play it professionally. 🙂

  7. saif says:

    Hi Amal
    trying to run Rhipe on rstudio I got this error any ideas ?

    Initializing Rhipe v0.73
    Error in .jnew(“org/godhuli/rhipe/PersonalServer”) :
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/hadoop/fs/FSDataInputStre

    • amalgjose says:

      Hi Saif,

      Set all the environment variables in RStudio also. This is because of environment variable issue.

      Amal G Jose

      • Saif says:

        thank you for the reply , I will try that, BTW I’m looking for big data set that I need for BI analysis can you guide me ?

  8. Jatin Aneja says:

    All the articles are well explained..short enough for overview……Great work…Keep it up….

  9. Krishna Patel says:

    great work u did ……
    And i need one help from urs if you can then

    currently i m working on hadoop image processing interface (hipi) in hadoop and i want to use image as an input and find its minimum,maximum,contrast streching,histogram for that image and output should also be an image , so if you can help then it would be very greatful to you

    please help me please

  10. Krishna Patel says:

    Hey Amal , Please reply for previous comments please i need help as soon as possible

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