GLens – An Environment Saviour

GLens enables Real Time Data Acquisition and Monitoring for Industrial Emissions, Effluent and Ambient pollution. Any analyzers make or model with RS232/RS485/RS222/Modbus is seamless integrated in a plug and play model. Provides pre-build reports,alarms and alerts as per the regulatory standards for Pollution monitoring.
The Ad-hoc reporting module provides capability to analyze the data upto 2 second granularity over the collected parameters and provide forecasting using Holt-Winters forecast models. GLens integrates with any analyzer (make or model) in a plug and play mode and enabling real time monitoring of the parameters instantaneously.
With open data exchange format any analyzer, manufacturer or industry could enable connectivity of these monitored parameters on to the platform.
For more details visit the following link GLens

About amalgjose
I am an Electrical Engineer by qualification, now I am working as a Software Architect. I am very much interested in Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical and now in Software fields. I like exploring things in these fields. I love travelling, long drives and music.

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