S3 is a service provided by Amazon for storing data. The full form is Simple Storage Service. S3 is a very useful service for less price. Data can be uploaded to and downloaded from S3 very easily using some tools as well as program. Here I am explaining  a sample program for uploading file to S3 using a python program.

Files can be uploaded to S3 in two approaches. One is the normal upload and another is the multipart upload. Normal upload sends the file serially and is not suitable for large files. It will take more time. For large files, multipart upload is the best option. It will upload the file by dividing it into chunks and sends it in parallel and collects it in S3.

This program is using the normal approach for sending the files to S3. Here I used the boto library for uploading the files.

__author__ = 'Amal G Jose'
import boto
import ntpath
from boto.s3.connection import S3Connection
class SimpleDataUploader(object):
def __init__(self):
self.s3_bucket = "mybucket"
self.s3_path = "data"
self.aws_access_key = "XXXXXXXXXXXX"
self.aws_secret_key = "XXXXXXXXXXXX"
self.s3_conn = boto.connect_s3(aws_access_key_id=self.aws_access_key,
except Exception, e:
print "Exception occurred in the initializer : " + str(e)
##This method will upload files to S3
def upload_to_s3(self, local_file_name):
path, file_name = ntpath.split(local_file_name)
bucket = self.s3_conn.get_bucket(self.s3_bucket)
key = bucket.new_key(file_name)
print "File uploaded successfully"
except Exception, e:
print "Exception while uploading file to S3 : " + str(e)
if __name__ == '__main__':
uploader = SimpleDataUploader()