I am a CentOS user from the last 10 years. The recent decision of stopping the CentOS Linux is very disappointing for me. I was using CentOS as a stable and open source version of RHEL OS. Also I have used CentOS in the lower environments to evaluate the performance and stability of an application before it goes to an RHEL environment in Prod.

Now with the new decision of putting an End to Life to CentOS Linux and starting a new stream CentOS Stream, we will loose the alternate opensource operating system variant of RHEL. They have reduced the support period to the latest release version CentOS 8 from 2029 to 2021. I have witnessed several enterprises using CentOS for their production deployments. The new options for those enterprises is either start using Ubuntu Enterprise version or to buy the RHEL license.

This announcement was made before few months and the detail of the announcement is present in CentOS Blog.

This is a very disappointing decision for people like me who use CentOS heavily 😦

I am starting my explorations to figure out the alternatives. I will post my findings.

Update: 1 Discussions are already happening in the community about building a true downstream Community Enterprise Grade Operating system which is going to be open source and free for ever. Check Rocky Linux