Now Apache Airflow official Helm chart got released. I was waiting for this chart from long time. This makes the installation in Kubernetes environment smooth and easy.

The charts are accessible from this link

The following are the key highlights.

  • Supported executors: LocalExecutor, CeleryExecutor, CeleryKubernetesExecutor, KubernetesExecutor.
  • Supported Airflow version: 1.10+, 2.0+
  • Supported database backend: PostgresSQL, MySQL
  • Autoscaling for CeleryExecutor provided by KEDA
  • PostgresSQL and PgBouncer with a battle-tested configuration
  • Monitoring:
    • StatsD/Prometheus metrics for Airflow
    • Prometheus metrics for PgBouncer
    • Flower
  • Automatic database migration after a new deployment
  • Administrator account creation during deployment
  • Kerberos secure configuration
  • One-command deployment for any type of executor. You don’t need to provide other services e.g. Redis/Database to test the Airflow

The chart installation is very easy. The commands are given below.

kubectl create namespace airflow
helm repo add apache-airflow
helm install airflow apache-airflow/airflow --namespace airflow

Advanced adjustments can be made by adjusting the parameters details in this document.