Docker is a very popular container runtime engine. I have been using docker from the past several years and I learnt containerization using docker.

I saw some recent updates in the Docker website about the pricing. Looks like there is no community edition of Docker and we have pay per user for all the business use.

The screenshot of the pricing page is given below. As per this, it is free only for personal use and also the free version has a limitation on the number of image pulls per day.

With the updates in licensing, most of the open source applications will move away from Docker. The newer version of Kubernetes comes with containerd as the default container runtime environment.

How this affects the existing applications ? Do we need to rewrite Dockerfiles into something else ?

The images docker produces is not specific to Docker. It is basically as per Open Container Initiative (OCI)standards. This means that we can build and run these images in any other runtimes that is supports OCI images. So we don’t have to worry. We can easily switch without much issues. So Don’t Panic !!!!.

Plan upfront based on this licensing before planning to use Docker in your upcoming project. Include the budget for licensing. If you are not planning to pay for container runtime, choose another open source, free to use runtimes like containerd.

Feel free to comment if you have any comments or questions.