One of the irritating problem that I face frequently is the lack of storage in mobile phone. I started facing this problem since the day I started using smart phones. My first smart phone was with a storage space of 16 GB. After few months of usage, the storage got over. The images, audio files and videos are the main space consuming files. WhatsApp is the main software that ensures the phone storage is full. I keep copying the data from phone to my computer and external hard disks.

After that upgraded with a phone of higher configuration and storage. I thought this will solve the problem. But again the storage became full in few months. The camera quality of every phone is improving and hence the size of picture and video is pretty big.

Every day, storage space in laptop and mobile phones are getting consumed at a drastic rate. The need for personal storage is very important. Now I have multiple external hard drives. I do a cost effective way to storage data.

I usually buy laptop’s harddisk of size 500 GB which costs around 8 GBP to 15 GBP and use it with a case. Both the hard disk and case are available in shopping sites like Amazon. Then I use a protector bag for keeping it safe. This is very cost effective and also very easy to carry as the size of each hard disk is very small. We can store multiple hard disks in a small bag. The reason for using 500 GB hard disk is because the risk of loosing large data incase of a disk failure is less.