FastAPI is an emerging and highly performing frameworks in python for the development of REST APIs. I have been using FastAPI in applications since the release of the initial stable version.

Prior to FastAPI, I was using Flask in most of my applications. Performance monitoring is one of the critical feature required in all the production applications. In Flask, I used the Gunicorn statsd instrumentation feature to monitor the performance of applications.

In case of FastAPI, we can do the performance using the Open Telemetry standard. There are several APM tools that can be used to monitor the performance of FastAPI through Open Telemetry. Some of the popular frameworks are given below.

Both these systems use a highly scalable open source OLTP database ClickHouse. ClickHouse has an open source version for self hosting and a managed hosted cloud service offering.

I am not writing the steps to do the implementation as it is very well written in the documentation links shared in this write up. I hope this write up is useful.