Making hive usable to multiple users in a hadoop cluster.

By default, hive operations are limited to the superuser. If you are using cdh, then the superuser is hdfs.
The reason for this is because of the permission of hive warehouse directory.
By default the read/permission of this directory is given only to the superuser.
So if we want to use hive from multiple users, change the permission of this directory accordingly.
If you want to make hive usable by all users, then do the following command.

hadoop fs –chmod –R 777 /user/hive/warehouse

hadoop fs –chmod –R 777 /tmp

If you group the users in specific groups, then you can do this by giving read/write permission to group only. ie 775

Changing the Hive Warehouse Directory

By default the hive warehouse directory is located at  the hdfs location /user/hive/warehouse

If you want to change this location, you can add the following property to hive-site.xml.

Everyone using hive should have appropriate read/write permissions to this warehouse directory.

   <value>/user/hivestore/warehouse </value>
   <description>location of the warehouse directory</description>