Changing the Hive Warehouse Directory

By default the hive warehouse directory is located at  the hdfs location /user/hive/warehouse

If you want to change this location, you can add the following property to hive-site.xml.

Everyone using hive should have appropriate read/write permissions to this warehouse directory.

   <value>/user/hivestore/warehouse </value>
   <description>location of the warehouse directory</description>

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One Response to Changing the Hive Warehouse Directory

  1. Patrick Alexander says:

    I’m modifying /etc/hive/conf.dist/hive-site.xml and still the data in created in warehouse directory !
    any other clue where to change the settings ?

    or is there any option when using sqoop to force the new path ?
    my sqoop command is like this:

    sqoop import –connect “jdbc:sqlserver://;database=ces_forsythe;username=sa;password=sa” –table users –columns “user_id,name_first,name_last,username” –where “user_id>1000” –target-dir /data/load101 –hive-import –hive-home /data/users/load101 — –schema dbo

    –hive-home /data/users/load101 is doing nothing and at the end the data is still on warehouse folder !

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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