RStudio is an IDE for R. It will make the R programming more user friendly.

Here I am explaining the way to install RStudio in linux machines.
RStudio needs R. So before installing RStudio, we have to install R. Installation of R is explained in my previous post.
R-3.0.0 needs RStudio-0.97 or above.
We can download Rstudio server rpm from the below website
Then install it using the command

rpm –ivh <rpm-name>

Sometimes it may show dependency issues.
Install the necessary dependencies and go ahead.

After that start R-Studio server.

/etc/init.d/rstudio-server start

If the installation is done correctly it will start.
You can verify the installation using the command

sudo rstudio-server verify-installation

Then go to webbrowser (Mozilla, chrome) and type the url

8787 is the default port, you can change this by editing the configuration file.
All the users in the linux except the system users(whose userid lower than 100) can use rstudio.
The credentials are the same as linux credentials.