I was searching for a way to find the difference between two timestamps. My requirement is to get the difference in terms of years, months, days, hours and minutes. I found a way to get it. The below code contains the logic to get the required output. I haven’t seen this code anywhere in internet, that is the reason I am posting this here so that this will be helpful for someone.

__author__ = 'Amal G Jose'
from datetime import datetime
from dateutil import relativedelta
##Aug 7 1989 8:10 pm
date_1 = datetime(1989, 8, 7, 20, 10)
##Dec 5 1990 5:20 am
date_2 = datetime(1990, 12, 5, 5, 20)
#This will find the difference between the two dates
difference = relativedelta.relativedelta(date_2, date_1)
years = difference.years
months = difference.months
days = difference.days
hours = difference.hours
minutes = difference.minutes
print "Difference is %s year, %s months, %s days, %s hours, %s minutes " %(years, months, days, hours, minutes)