I have seen people using / and // for division in python. So for checking the difference I checked both of this in my system. I used python 2..7 for testing. I got same output for both the divisions. The reason for the same output is explained below.

Eg: 7 / 2   and 7 // 2  will give the same answer 3 in python 2.x

In Python 3.0, 7 / 2  will return 3.5 and 7 // 2  will return 3. The former is floating point division, and the latter is floor division, sometimes also called integer division.

In Python 2.2 or later in the 2.x line, there is no difference for integers. ie we will get 3 for both the divisions. We can enable the 3.x behavior by doing simple import.

from __future__ import division,

This causes Python 2.x to adopt the behavior of 3.0. The future import should be placed at the top of your program.